The Janice & Paul Keesler Scholarship Fund is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications from qualified students toward receiving scholarship assistance.

As a living memorial for two people who loved New York State and the outdoors, this fund assists students training in the field of wild life management. Paul and Janice were avid sports persons who wrote and lectured about the outdoors and founded and published the nationally recognized and respected New York Sportsman Magazine.

A great loss to all those who appreciate the wonder of nature, Janice passed away suddenly in 1988 and Paul in July of 2005. They are greatly missed.

According to Scholarship Fund President Dave Hamilton, “These annual scholarship awards are available to any New York State resident who has been accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning and is, or will be, working toward obtaining a degree in some facet of wildlife management.” The twenty first series of Janice & Paul Keesler Scholarship Awards will be distributed in January of 2010. To date, the fund has had the honor of distributing more than $28,000 in grants to deserving Wildlife Management students.

2010 Scholarship Winner: Ann Jardin - Mexico, NY

Ann is a freshman at Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith’s, New York. She is an outdoor sports enthusiast that has many interests that connect with the field of wildlife management. She was very specific in her educational and professional goals and was honored that she may be a recipient of such a special scholarship. "I believe that this scholarship is not just any scholarship, but one to be proud of because it would be from role models of New York State who were fascinated with nature and shared their knowledge with so many people!"

Any qualified individual interested in applying for these Scholarships may do so by sending a request for an application form, along with a stamped, self addressed legal sized (#10) envelope to:

The Janice & Paul Keesler Scholarship Fund
C/o Bridget Keesler (sec/treas)
P.O. Box 485
Newport, NY 13416

An application may also be obtained by clicking here. The completed application form must be returned to the committee no later than November 1, 2013.

Individuals or clubs wishing to make a contribution to the fund may do so by sending their donation to the same address, with the sincere gratitude of the Scholarship Committee! In December of this year and continuing on an annual basis, a wonderful couple who cared deeply about our state’s outdoor sports will be remembered in a meaningful way, thanks to the generosity of those same outdoor sportsmen.


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C/o Bridget Keesler (sec/treas)
P.O. Box 485
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